Wudang Deutschland

School of hidden virtue

Established since 2006 by WDP founder Ismet Himmet, we at
Wudang Deutschland dedicate ourselves fully to the internal martial arts.
Presently in the third generation, led by Head coach Stev Lee,
the school offers students from all over the world the opportunity
to practice Kung Fu daily, in a regular or full-time frame. Our goal is
to bring traditional martial arts into our modern world, by making it useful for the way in which we live now.


WuDang Principles

Wudang Principles - Our Martial Arts family
At the heart of WDP, there are 10 ancestral principles of internal martial arts from which we derive our practice. We define our art not by its limits but from the core inside out, thus allowing WDP to be an open system. While we treasure our roots in the legendary arts of Wudang, we reach without hesitation into modernity to improve and augment our daily practice. So while we base our practice on the five ancestral pillars of Wudang Xuan Wu Pai, we eagerly learn from modern day MMA, Thai-boxing, ground fighting and modern strength and movement practices. Both as practitioners and teachers we aim to practice and pass on a deep tradition while turning each training session into a laboratory for new influences.

Ismet Himmet

The Founder

Ismet Himmet is the founder and leading teacher of the WDP System.
After having started martial arts in 1985 and practicing for many years in China, while also becoming a disciple of the Wudang Xuan Wu Pai lineage, Ismet returned to Germany and opened Wudang Deutchland in January 2006, the first full-time internal martial arts academy in Berlin. During that time, Ismet left his official discipleship in order to create a new opportunity to develop our art which subsequently led to the birth of WDP.
A few years later, he traveled back to China and became the first foreigner to open his own Kung Fu school in Wudang Shan .
After more than a decade of spreading internal martial arts and combat orientated arts like his recently developed Chinese Boxing, Ismet Himmet has garnered students from all over the world, who idolize his teachings and who have now become a part of the WDP family.

Our Team

  • Specialization

    Even though Stev is well-rounded in all areas of the WDP system, he possesses great expertise in the art of Xing Yi Quan and modern combat arts like BJJ and MMA.

  • Fight Experiences

    Stev was the first in the WDP family who stepped into the MMA ring. He has also garnered multiple wins in BJJ competitions by successfully applying principles of internal martial arts into modern fighting.

  • Gold in China and Germany

    Stev has won multiple titles for his Xing Yi Form in various competitions throughout China and Germany.

Stefan Müller

Headcoach of Wudang Deutschland

After practicing martial arts for most of his life, Stefan (nickname Stev) decided in 2011 to dedicate his life to the internal Kung Fu arts by joining the full-time program of Wudang Deutschland. His training in Germany was followed by another period of three years under Ismet Himmet at his school in China.
Being one of Ismets closer students, Stev took the responsibility in 2017 of leading the Wudang Deutschland school in Berlin.

Daniel Mader

After many years of being a full-time student of WDP, Daniel Mader continues to enrich our training by guiding the weapons classes.

  • Specialization and Achievements

    Daniel specializes in Ba Ji Quan, Weapons and internal MMA. He has won several fights in BJJ competitions as well as winning the latest Berlin form championships with Ba Ji Quan.

teacher for Tai Ji and Sword

Kerem Shemi

Kerem has practiced for many years in the WDP schools in both China and Berlin. She is a professional dancer and famous for combining Kung Fu principles with contemporary dance. She also teaches classes and workshops under the project Kung Fu into Dance in Berlin.

  • Specialization and Achievements

    Kerems strongest skill sets lie in styles like Tai Ji, Tai Yi and the Wudang Sword. She has won titles in competitions performing Tai Ji and Sword.

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