Saarbrouges Tui Shou

After the success of our last Push Hands seminars we now want to offer a new in-depth seminar for 2 groups:

– for a beginner group we still want to offer an introduction into the WDP Tuishou, the game of snake and crane.

– for participants of the last workshops or for more advanced martial artists we offer a deepening experience of both the routines of the snake crane system as well as for the competitive WDP tournament tuishou training.

Seminar Details

  • Location: Saarbrouges, Germany
  • Date: June 27th-28th, 2015
  • Instructor: Raphael Hug


„The Game of Snake and Crane“ – or „Snake Crane System“ in WDP lingo – forms the basis of our Wudang Tai Chi partnerwork. In its harmonious flow the principles of Tai Chi are practiced on and with a partner.

In a second step these principles are put to the test and their understanding is deepened in the increasingly free practices of competitive tui shou play. In free tui shou the individual skill of rooting, structure, softness and technique is revealed and developed.

Tui shou develops skills in:
– Partnerwork and basic close distance management (locks, trapping, grip…)
– Balance, rooting, structure and softness
– 8 principles of Taijiquan

and is as such an irreplacable element of Tai Chi training in order to develop a deeper understanding of this art.


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