Wudang Principles

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Wudang principles is a system that is rooted in the Internal Martial and Health Arts of the Wudang Mountains – but is not defined by those internal styles, their techniques, or even by Wudang as a place or tradition.

10principles             “The 10 ancestral principles of internal martial arts.”


Instead at the heart of WDP there are the 10 ancestral principles of internal martial arts. From these principles we derive our practice. We define our art not by its limits, its borders to the other practices, but from the core, the inside out.

Thus WDP by nature is an open system – while we treasure our roots in the legendary arts of Wudang, we reach without hesitation into modernity to improve and augment our daily practice. So while at the base of our practice there are the ancestral 5 Pillars of Wudang Xuan Wu Pai, we eagerly learn from modern day mma, Thai-boxing, groundfighting and modern strength and movement practices. Both as practitioners and teachers we aim to practice and pass on a deep tradition while turning each training session into a laboratory for new influences.


Currently the curriculum of the WUDANG DEUTSCHLAND academy offers 3 branches of WDP training:

  • WDP classic: Classical Wudang internal martial and movement arts training. Covering a range of 8 styles in Qigong, basics, form and applications.
  • WDP combat: Combat arts based on internal & external styles. Covering stand-up, ground, distance management leading to free sparring.
  • Neigong: Old-school internal arts work

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