Qi Gong

How do I hold my body correctly?  How do I develop deep breathing?  How do I move without wasting energy?

In Qi Gong, we have the possibility to find the answers to these questions in a more natural progression. With quiet and repetitive exercises, we learn how to let go of unnecessary tensions and thoughts. By using deep breathing techniques and maintaining an upright posture, we are gradually enabling ourselves to function in a more healthy way.
In daily Qi Gong classes, beginners and more advanced students form a basis for a more vital daily life as well as establishing the foundation for their internal Martial arts. Monday to Thursday, we offer three of our most important basic Qi Gong sets.

The courses are suitable to all ages and are also open to beginners. 
Trial classes are always possible upon request.


Three Qi Gong Basics
Here are the three Qi Gong sets we offer:

Back To Spring Qi Gong

Back To Spring Qi Gong brings meditation into the standing position instead of the customary sitting position.

There are four different key standing positions, which are interrupted by three repetitive movement sequences. With continous practice of these positions, we have the possibilty to understand the principles of effortless and upright standing, while simultaneously releasing ourselves from physical tensions and unnecessary thoughts. Thus, building an absolute foundation of internal Martial arts.


18 Basic Tai Ji Steps

In the 18 basic Tai Ji Steps, we learn to deliver the principles of standing meditation into movement and step work.

The movement and stepwork progressively transitions from quiet and meditative into more complex and challenging coordinations. By practicing these exercises on a regular basis, we are able to build a fundamental understanding for efficient and effortless movement by using our body as a whole unit.


5 Animal Qi Gong

In our 5 Animal Qi Gong, we study the movement principles of five different animals in order to develop various layers and qualities of movement, therefore broadening our range of abilities and freedom while moving. This Qi Gong is also connected to the 5 element system of Chinese medicine where each animal is associated with the health of our bodily organs.



Weekly Qi Gong Timetable


  • 5 Animals Qi Gong



  • 18 Basic Tai Ji Steps



  • Back To Spring Qi Gong



  • 5 Animals Qi Gong