Loft 46

We, the Loft 46, are the people that donĀ“t go home after training ends, because we are already there.

We live in a small martial arts community, that is directly adjacent the training hall.



We are part of the WDP family. People of totally diverse backgrounds, personality and temper, beginners and professionals united by a big passion – Wudang Principles.

The Loft46 offers an opportunity that is unique in Germany: daily all-day intensive training, living in an academy for internal martial arts!



The Loft46-programme is intended for:

  • Students that want to intensively prepare their own teaching career – also in preparation or aftermath of a longer training journey to China
  • Visitors from other cities/countries who want to train most efficiently for a short period of time to later digest the material at home
  • Martial artists that want to dedicate a period of their life completely to their practice
  • Students/workers anybody with a regular job who also wants to focus their free time most intensively on the martial arts