Amsterdam Wudang Sword

Years after my first visit to Amsterdam to perform Wudang sword for the first time on a competition platform at the Amsterdam Taiji Stichting, I am happy to come back to this city – this time for a workshop on the very same topic – Wudang Dan Jian or Wudang Elixir Sword.

The sword has always been the hallmark of Wudang martial arts. This Workshop covers the essentials of Wudang sword ins basics, form and application.

It is geared towards everyone (beginners and more advanced practitioners) who look for an introduction into this fascinating art – but also for practitioners of other martial arts who look for an opportunitiy to refine their own sword practice.

Seminar Details

  • Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Date: June 20th-21st, 2015
  • Instructor: Raphael Hug



The 13 Basic Principles of Wudang Sword, in single technique drills and footwork sequences. If time permits, also a few excerpts of the advanced Basics set focusing on Wudang specific bodymotion and expression


The Wudang Dan Jian or Elixir Sword is a very traditional form of Wudang sword – but at the time it was created, it was an amalgam of different Sword Styles – a true hybrid martial art. This makes the Dan Jian a very diverse form, featuring fine and complex Sword techniques of Dan Pai next to the broad sweeps and strong strikes of „Heavenly Steel Sword“, gentle and harmonious motions of Taiji Jian.

In the WDP Sword combat we approach traditional sword fighting from a direct and honest point of view. Techniques are practiced and tried out with foam swords and wood sticks (The workshop will supply a limited amount of those, Bring your own as you have)


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