It´s the Advent – the time before the holidays of Christmas and New Year, before family feasts, presents and fireworks. A time full of memories of a year nearly past with the promises of a fresh year, new projects and fresh starts just around the corner.  Also, we hope you already did your Christmas shopping early.

Because from December 12th on, we want to offer you a chance to unplug from all of this. A chance for reflection, to take a step back and breath deeply. To take a hard look at what´s going on inside your head – if you dare -  but also a chance to recharge your batteries and gather new energy to enter 2016.

From Dec 12th, till Dec 19th we hold our annual meditation retreat at the Wudang Deutschland academy in Berlin. Join us for the free day classes or reserve one of 10 free places for overnight stay at the academy!

Seminar Details

  • Location: WUDANG DEUTSCHLAND Academy, Berlin, Germany
  • Date: Dec 12th-19th, 2015
  • Price: This event is free of charge


Retreat Rules

These rules are made for you, not the other way around. Treat them as guidelines, as we have on purpose created them with a broad stroke. You will shape your own retreat with them, you need to choose for yourself things like what book constitutes a “classic”  for inspiration and what is mere diversion, what constitutes a proper diet and what you want to abstain from. You are responsible for your own retreat. Don´t ask too many questions, but listen harder to the answers that are already there.

Fasting I – closing the doors to the outside – this means silence, no speaking (as much as possible, except for necessity, like on your job, emergencies…), try to reduce all virtual communication to a minimum – facebook, texts, email etc. – tell your family and friends that you won´t be available this week except in cases of emergency.

Fasten II – closing the doors to the inside – this means fasting of the body: “healthy food”, no sugar, no meat, 2 meals per day, joint breakfast at 08:30 and second meal before 14:00. From 14:00 only drinking – water, tea, but also juice or soy milk.
Fasting of the mind encompasses all entertainment media – no internet, movies, music (absolutely no new-agey-qigong-music), computer games, books (exceptions are made for readings of the “classics” for inspiration)

Meditation – apart from morning meditation and the evening course you are encouraged to meditate how and as much as you like throughout the day. Break your limits.

Daily plan

03:30-04:30 – MEDITATION
04:30-05:30 –QI GONG
09:00-09:30 – WARM UP
09:30-10:00 – STRETCHING
10:00-12:00 – 13 PILLARS QI GONG
17:30 – CLEAN UP
18:00-19:30 – HUI CHUN QI GONG
19:30-21:00 – MEDITATION


You are welcome to join during the day or evening courses. We also offer 10 free places for staying overnight at the academy. Register via contact form or under

After the success of our last Push Hands seminars we now want to offer a new in-depth seminar for 2 groups:

- for a beginner group we still want to offer an introduction into the WDP Tuishou, the game of snake and crane.

- for participants of the last workshops or for more advanced martial artists we offer a deepening experience of both the routines of the snake crane system as well as for the competitive WDP tournament tuishou training.

Seminar Details

  • Location: Saarbrouges, Germany
  • Date: June 27th-28th, 2015
  • Instructor: Raphael Hug


“The Game of Snake and Crane” – or “Snake Crane System” in WDP lingo – forms the basis of our Wudang Tai Chi partnerwork. In its harmonious flow the principles of Tai Chi are practiced on and with a partner.

In a second step these principles are put to the test and their understanding is deepened in the increasingly free practices of competitive tui shou play. In free tui shou the individual skill of rooting, structure, softness and technique is revealed and developed.

Tui shou develops skills in:
- Partnerwork and basic close distance management (locks, trapping, grip…)
- Balance, rooting, structure and softness
- 8 principles of Taijiquan

and is as such an irreplacable element of Tai Chi training in order to develop a deeper understanding of this art.


Register via contact form or under

Years after my first visit to Amsterdam to perform Wudang sword for the first time on a competition platform at the Amsterdam Taiji Stichting, I am happy to come back to this city – this time for a workshop on the very same topic – Wudang Dan Jian or Wudang Elixir Sword.

The sword has always been the hallmark of Wudang martial arts. This Workshop covers the essentials of Wudang sword ins basics, form and application.

It is geared towards everyone (beginners and more advanced practitioners) who look for an introduction into this fascinating art – but also for practitioners of other martial arts who look for an opportunitiy to refine their own sword practice.

Seminar Details

  • Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Date: June 20th-21st, 2015
  • Instructor: Raphael Hug



The 13 Basic Principles of Wudang Sword, in single technique drills and footwork sequences. If time permits, also a few excerpts of the advanced Basics set focusing on Wudang specific bodymotion and expression


The Wudang Dan Jian or Elixir Sword is a very traditional form of Wudang sword – but at the time it was created, it was an amalgam of different Sword Styles – a true hybrid martial art. This makes the Dan Jian a very diverse form, featuring fine and complex Sword techniques of Dan Pai next to the broad sweeps and strong strikes of “Heavenly Steel Sword”, gentle and harmonious motions of Taiji Jian.

In the WDP Sword combat we approach traditional sword fighting from a direct and honest point of view. Techniques are practiced and tried out with foam swords and wood sticks (The workshop will supply a limited amount of those, Bring your own as you have)


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