• retreat15

    End of Year Retreat 2015

    It┬┤s the Advent – the time before the holidays of Christmas and New Year, before family feasts, presents and fireworks. A time full of memories of a year nearly past with the promises of a fresh year, new… Read More

  • tuishousaarbr├╝ckenjunipast

    Saarbrouges Tui Shou

    After the success of our last Push Hands seminars we now want to offer a new in-depth seminar for 2 groups: – for a beginner group we still want to offer an introduction into the WDP Tuishou, the… Read More

  • amsterdamjunepast

    Amsterdam Wudang Sword

    Years after my first visit to Amsterdam to perform Wudang sword for the first time on a competition platform at the Amsterdam Taiji Stichting, I am happy to come back to this city – this time for a… Read More