ademy schedule

Stunden Plan 2

Training at the Academy is offered in 4 categories:

Urban Qigong

(Marked blue above) The Berlin Urban Qigong Project is our way to give something back to the local community and to Berlin, the city we love and live in. On 4 of 5 week evenings we offer free Qigong classes that are open for all. In the standing meditation work of Hui Chun “Back to Spring” Qigong or the dynamic movement Qigong of the 5 Wudang Animals – step out of the bustle. Breathe. Experience the 2nd Principle of WDP – the secret of stillness in motion and motion in stillness.

Open Courses

(Marked green above) In our open evening classes we cover the full range of internal martial and movement art training. Basics, forms, applications, strength training, meditation and qigong, weapons, classic and combat training. The courses are led by an instructor and open for beginners. Contact us for a free trial lesson.

Intensive Courses

(Marked red above) We don´t believe in secrets – except training. While the intensive courses are not open to the general public, all the material taught there is also taught in the open courses. Nothing is ever held back. The commitment of our intensive students however allows us to approach the material more in-depth, as they put in the time and focus needed for more advanced training.

Loft 46

(Marked beige above) “Loft 46″ training is named after the address of the Academy at Berlinerstrasse Loft 46. Though of course also open to all intensive students, this is mainly the training of students that call the Loft 46 address their home, either as long-term students living at the academy or short-term guests on a visit to the German headquarters of WDP. As this is the time for our own trainers and instructors to put in some work of their own, classes are often not officially led by an instructor. This is where the good stuff happens though, the daily grind that is necessary to achieve a higher level of training.



List of styles taught

The blessing and bane of Wudang martial arts is the inherent richness and breadth of the system. Following is a concise list of the internal styles taught within WDP classic at our academy:

Wudang Taiji Quan

Also known as “Tai Chi” in the West. An art of smooth harmonious movement, flowing and yielding like water.

Wudang Taiyi Zhang

Also called “Liang Yi Zhang” or “Palm of Two Aspects“, manifests the two aspects of Yin and Yang in a more complex rhythm, expressing at times both bursts of explosive quickness and soft, slow, flowing motions.

Wudang Bagua Zhang

“Palm of 8 Trigrams” or mastering the art of going in circles. Expresses the body´s spiral structure in complex twisting and circular movement patterns and stepwork.

Wudang Xingyi Quan

“Fist of Form and Mind”, the explosive twin of Bagua Zhang. An art of the offensive, bursting to the front with explosive strikes.

Wudang Baji Quan

“Fist of 8 Extremes”, China´s famous bodyguard system, also very much an art of the offensive featuring a lot of body conditioning and close quarter elbow strikes.

Wudang Jian

The famed sword of Wudang.

Wudang Xuanwu Gun

“Staff of the Dark Warrior” – the art of the long staff.

Wudang Snake Crane System

The Tuishou or “Pushing Hands” of Wudang. Applying the principles of Taiji Quan in close distance partnerwork.

Wudang Neigong

“Internal Work”, this includes all the meditation, Qigong and self-cultivation work. At the end of the day, there is no internal or external work. Training the body is training the mind is training the body is training…