Urban Qigong

What it is

The Berlin Urban Qigong Project is our way of giving something back to the local community and to Berlin, the city we love and live in. On 4 nights of the week, from Monday to Thursday, we offer free of charge Qigong classes that are open for all – you don´t need to be a member of our school or of WDP to join. If you live in Berlin and feel the need to step out of the bustle of modern city life for a moment – join us. Breathe. Experience the stillness in motion and motion in stillness.

What we teach when

The courses always start at 18:00 and go on for an hour. We teach elements of the two core Wudang Xuan Wu Pai Qigong practices: “Zhan Zhuang” or standing meditation work of Hui Chun “Back to Spring” Qigong and dynamic movement exercises of the 5 Wudang Animals Qigong. 

Why we do this

In modern cities like Berlin our inter-connected lives are moving faster and faster, a mental speed that is only matched by our physical bodies moving less and less.

The skills taught in Qigong practice – to decelerate your mind at will, establishing focus and rooting – along with regaining connection to your body and quality movement – this skill is so basic and valuable for mental and physical health that access to it should not be determined by economic factors. Especially in Berlin, where so many people struggle in “Zeitarbeit” and on social welfare tabs to merely get by.

On the other hand, a deep and meaningful Qigong practice comes at a different price – that of dedication. We feel that a free lesson once a week or every full moon is going to be a drop in the ocean. The benefits of Qigong really only come with daily practice – something we want to help you establish at our Project. So come join us.